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    That Fibro MOM: Pediatric Fibromyalgia is REAL. Hope for Children Reversing with the Guaifenesin Protocol and the Diet for Hypoglycemia

    December 26, 2017



    The following question was asked on my I Have Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it Doesn't Have Me! Facebook page and I decided to turn it into a blog post:



    My 13 year old daughter was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This has been so hard for her and for our family. What kind of foods do you give your son and what kind of medication and supplements? If you can please give me any advice it's really appreciated. Thank you.

    I have two children: ages five and ten. My son was diagnosed with pediatric fibromyalgia when he was six by R. Paul St. Amand, MD, and my daughter, Hildi, was four, by Dr. Melissa Congdon. Dr. Congdon was trained under Dr. St. Amand.


    I also have fibromyalgia and was diagnosed by a local doctor here in Michigan, when I was thirty-three, although I can trace it back to infancy.


    Fibromyalgia is genetic. Both my father and sister also have it. City of Hope Research Center, Durate, CA.




    I am also a patient of Dr. St. Amand's in Marina del Rey, CA, and have been following his Guaifenesin Protocol since 2003. I was once bedridden with my fibromyalgia and felt like my life was over. But, it wasn't.


    I know that it can be very scary and heartbreaking when our children are diagnosed with it. But, there is HOPE. There is HOPE without the use of heavy narcotics and anti-depressants or anit-seizure drugs.


    I got really lucky and found it. I have been able to feel better and reverse ( not cure) my fibromyalgia. Better enough to have and care for the two children of mine that now have inherited my fibromyalgia.


    My children follow the same treatment protocol that I do, and they are both doing GREAT!


    What we put into our bodies is also very important, when we have fibromyalgia. Many of us with fibromyalgia (around 40%) also have a hidden condition called reactive hypoglycemia (low-blood sugar.)


    I have it and both of my children do. So, we follow a very low-carb diet called the Diet for Hypooglycemia by Dr. St. Amand. This diet was used in the early 1900s before the invention of insulin in 1921. It is used to NATURALLY STABILIZE blood sugar.


    What this means is that many of the symptoms that we initially think may be fibromyalgia, like migraines, (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, ringing in the ears, insomnia, heart palpitations, brain fog, sweating, irritability, blurry vision, hunger, weakness, shaky feeling, and dizziness can all be related to what we have eaten and they can all be corrected by a CONSISTENT and CONTINUOUS diet of low-glycemic value: low glycemic fruits and veggies, animal proteins and good fats (like olive oil) every few hours.


    If I want to have a GREAT day instead of a MEDIOCRE day, I eat a whole foods diet, with avoidance of all processed foods with hidden sugars and high carbohydrate loads.


    My children also have been following the Diet for Hypoglycemia (the Liberal side) since they started eating solid foods. I suspected at that age fo two and a half that they both had the reactive hypoglycemia. I also wanted to set them up with the best possible chance in life to not one day become type 2 diabetics, as it runs in our family. When we deviate from the diet, we all three get screeching migraines. So, we follow it very closely on a daily basis.


    My children and I also take the Guaifenesin and follow the Guaifenesin Protocol as designed by Dr. ST. Amand. This is my 15th year, Alex's almost 6th year, and Hildi's 1st.


    To learn more about the Guaifenesin Protocol, you can always contact me privately or visit the following web sites:

  (Dr. St. Amand) (This is me.) (Dr. Congdon)

    @Fibromyalgia Support for Parents of Teens and Children (above) @Jen Fuller.

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