I Have Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it Doesn't Have Me!

    From the moment that I found out I was pregnant, I realized that, I most likely would have gestational diabetes due to my reactive hypoglycemia. So, I knew to continue to follow the Diet for Hypoglycemia by R. Paul St. Amand, MD, while pregnant and after my kids were born, they would learn to eat this way too. I wanted to give them the best possible chance, since type 2 diabetes runs in our family.

    To learn more about hypoglycemia: http://www.fibromyalgiatreatment.com/hypoglycemia.html

    This is our most recent trip to Costco. All of the foods in our cart are very low on the glycemic index. My kids are allowed one Honest Kids per day drink box for their lunches at school and two tubes of either the Yogurt Simple or the YoKids yogurt by StonyField Farms—one for breakfast and one for lunch.

    If they eat more sugar than this, they usually end up with a frontal headache or a migraine. They both are pretty aware of the body-food connection and how their bodies feel shaky or jittery after eating sugar. We have invented a new tradition in our family. During Halloween and the Fourth of July, they are allowed to save six pieces of candy (to enjoy) and then they turn the rest in for Legos or another small toy. This way, they get to experience being kids, and hopefully, not closet sugar eaters later in life.


    What's in our cart: 
    Baby Belle Cheese Rounds

    Oganic Cheese Sticks 

    Kirkland Nitrate/Nitrite Roasted Sliced Turkey Breast

    Kirkland Frozen Turkey Burgers
    Kirkland Almond Butter
    Organic Frozen Blueberries
    Organic Frozen Broccoli
    Organic Frozen Mixed Berries
    Organic Carrots
    Organic Honey Crisp Apples
    Organic Romaine Lettuce


    Organic Eggs
    Butternut Squash
    D'Anjou Pears
    Apple Pears/ Asian Pears
    Amylu Apple Gouda Hot Dogs

    Gilbert's Hot Dogs
    Salmon with Pesto Butter

    Chicken Nuggets

    Frozen Wild Cod
    Kirkland Ground Turkey
    Organic Unsalted Butter


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