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I Have

Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it Doesn't Have Me!

This is my son Alexander. He was six years old when he was diagnosed with Pediatric Fibromyalgia, July 2013, by R. Paul St. Amand, MD, in Marina del Rey, CA. 


Alexander received this scooter as a gift the year prior, but had not been able to ride it due to his pain and chronic fatigue.


But look at him now! One month after beginning treatment with the guaifenesin protocol,, he was able to ride his scooter. (This video was made three months into treatment.) 


If you suspect your child has pediatric fibromyalgia, please consider the guaifenesin protocol as a treatment option. Reversal of fibromyalgia symptoms is possible and children reverse quickly. 

Resources for Parents of Children with Pediatric (Juvenile) Fibromyalgia: Dr. St. Amand's official website. 
On Facebook: The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center. It's a great resource for salicylate-free products.  Dr. St. Amand's Guaifenesin Support. This new format will be replacing the current GuaiGroup online forum in 2020. 

Dr. Melissa Congdon, in Corte Madera, CA, is another pediatrician who has fibromyalgia herself; and was trained by Dr. St. Amand to treat her patients using the guaifenesin protocol.

On Facebook: Fibromyalgia Support for Parents of Teens and Children run by Jen Fuller, Fibromyalgia Patient and Mom of Teens with Fibromyalgia

Teen Lilia Fuller's Blog and YouTube Page


Symptoms of Pediatric Fibromyalgia Include: 

(In children, symptoms often shift, appearing one day and then vanishing another.) 

“growing pains” in the lower legs and knees

abdominal pain and “side stitches”

unexplained headaches

irritable bowel syndrome

problems concentrating



charley horses

bladder infections (interstitial cystitis)


dry, burning, itchy, irritated eyes

blurry or fuzzy vision

stuffy nose and /or post nasal drip

ADD like inattention

restless legs

poor stamina

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