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  • Chantal Hoey-Sanders

That Fibro MOM: Following Up with the Sleep Doctor

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

One of my greatest fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue "aha" moments arrived six years after my official diagnosis. I had thought up until that point, "Since I 'never slept anyways,' having a sleep study done would prove pointless. I would just be wasting my time hooked up to tons of wires, awake in a strange bed, that would otherwise render my stay unworthy."| What I didn't realize then, and I am thankful that I understand now, (almost a decade later!) was that the screeching morning migraines that pierced through my temples and sinuses, since my early teenage years, were actually being caused by: obstructive sleep apnea and lack of oxygen to my brain.

Thirty-five times an hour, I stopped breathing for more than ten seconds. Scary! No wonder I have had so many moments of fibro-fog throughout the years! Words missing, links, and leftovers! Alpha wave intrusion also appeared on my test. This finding confirms a chronic pain disorder.

I am now on my third machine and my seventh or eighth mask.

One of the best decisions I have ever made on my fibromyalgia journey has been to push past my fear and anxiety; to just have the study done.

Today, I am following up with the sleep doctor to talk about my progress with the new machine. It's still a love-hate relationship. But, it's amazing to actually feel like I have slept and to not wake up with a horrible morning migraine!

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