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That Fibro MOM: Pediatric Fibromyalgia: Hope for Children Reversing with the Guaifenesin Protocol

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Alex and Hildi with their bottles of Guaifenesin ©2018

Question: "My 13 year old daughter was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This has been so hard for her and for our family. What kind of foods do you give your son and what kind of medication and supplements? If you can please give me any advice it's really appreciated. Thank you." Answer: I am not a medical professional, but I can point you in the right direction to those who are. (See: Blog Post: Doctors Trained by Dr. St. Amand who will be Continuing his Life's Work and Legacy)

To answer your question, as a family, we all follow Dr. St. Amand's Guaifenesin Treatment Protocol and Diet for Hypoglycemia. My children are doing well on this protocol. They tell me, "No more pain, Mom." The best place to begin, if you have already read my book, I Have Fibromyalgia/

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it Doesn't Have Me, Six Steps for REversing FMS/CFS, a Memoir, is Dr. St. Amand's book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Fibromyalgia, (Fourth Edition) co-authored by Claudia Craig Marek. Some Background: I have two children: ages seven and thirteen. My son, Alex, was diagnosed with pediatric fibromyalgia when he was six by R. Paul St. Amand, MD,, in Marina del Rey, CA, and my daughter, Hildi, was four when diagnosed by Melissa Congdon, MD, in Mill Valley, CA. Dr. Congdon was trained under Dr. St. Amand.

A local doctor here in Michigan, Thaddeus P. Struwa, MD, first diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, when I was thirty-three years old. Although, I can trace my fibromyalgia back to infancy.

I am a long-time patient of Dr. St. Amand's in Marina del Rey, CA, and have been following his Guaifenesin Protocol since 2003.

Fibromyalgia is genetic. Both my father, my sister, and my sister's son, also have it. Three generations of my family, including myself, participated in the City of Hope Fibromyalgia DNA Research Project. 2008-present. City of Hope, Duarte, CA.

I know that it can be very scary and heartbreaking when our children are diagnosed with pediatric fibromyalgia. But, there is HOPE.

To learn more about the Guaifenesin Protocol, you can always contact me privately or visit the following web sites: (Dr. St. Amand)

Dr. St. Amand's Guaifenesin Support (Facebook) (This is me.) (Dr. Congdon) MelissaCongdonMD (Facebook) Fibro(my)algia (Facebook) Lyn Heath Van Bebber Fibromyalgia Support for Parents of Teens and Children (Facebook) Jen Fuller

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