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Doctors Trained by Dr. St. Amand who will be Continuing his Life's Work and Legacy

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

IT’S OFFICIAL..............Dr. St. Amand will retire on March 27, 2020. We are currently accepting appointments up to that date (310) 577-7510. Our website, Facebook page and Facebook group will remain operational. To join the Facebook group go to and follow the prompt. This group will remain in contact with Dr. St. Amand.We have four physicians, trained by Dr. St. Amand, who have agreed to accept our patients. 1. DR. SUSAN PEKAROVICS, M.D.6360 Wilshire Blvd suite 202 Los Angeles, CA, 90048 (323) 951-4916. If you make an appointment with Dr. Peckarovics, prior to our retirement, notify us--we will transfer your chart to her. Dr. Pekarovics was taught by Dr. St. Amand at Harbor-UCLA. She’s been on our list of fibromyalgia doctors since 1994! She is an endocrinologist and will treat any endocrine or internal medicine issues including thyroid and adrenal problems, autoimmune disorders, hypoglycemia and diabetes. Dr. Pekarovics accepts many insurances including Medicare. Affiliated with Cedar-Sinai hospital.Speaks: English, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian. Claudia Marek will be available to Dr. Peckarovics’ patients to help with salicylates.

2. DR MARGARET MACDONALD M.D.1485 Garden of the Gods Rd, Ste. 172 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (719) 249-0217. Dr. MacDonald is a patient of Dr. St. Amand’s who has been inspired by her recovery to help others. Dr. MacDonald is a family medicine doctor with a speciality integrative and complimentary medicine. Dr. MacDonald only treats patients in English, and does not accept insurance. Her fees include support services to help patients start and master the protocol.

3. DR. MELISSA CONGDON, M.D.10 Millwood St., #5 Mill Valley, CA 9494 &, 1501 Clement St. San Francisco CA 94118 Phone: (415) 927-0600. Dr. Congdon has fibromyalgia and has been a patient of Dr. St. Amand’s 2008. Dr. Congdon is a pediatrician but also treats adults with fibromyalgia. She has a large practice of fibromyalgia patients on guaifenesin and a big internet presence. Dr. Congdon does not accept any insurance. Check her website for fees. Dr. Congdon only treats patients in English.

4. DR. CARLA KUON M.D.UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion 1600 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA, 94143, (415) 885-3723 &, 300 Hospital Drive, Sutter Solano Medical Ctr, Vallejo, CA 94589. Dr. Kuon practices Internal and integrative medicine. Besides guaifenesin, Dr. Kuon uses many modalities to treat pain, which is one of her specialties. She has an interest in genetics and fibromyalgia research, and is an Assistant Clincal Professor of Medicine at UCSF. Dr. Kuon accepts Medicare and most insurance. Speaks: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. MAPPER: Cheryl Kowalewski, Fibrofree Guaigroup Leader, Edmonton, Alberta.Trained by Dr. St. Amand, and has been mapping since 2007. For more information contact Cheryl at:

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